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About Ved Mandir Bal-Niketan

Ved Mandir Bal-Niketan

Ved Mandir Balniketan came into existence in May, 1961, initially with 5 children. As on 31-10-2014, it has 127 children between age group of 6 and 16 years. Deserving children of all sections and communities aur admitted in Balniketan. Priority is accorded to the orphans who have lost both the parents. Such children as have lost their father parent or mother parent only and there is none to support are also admitted on merit. Food, clothing, dormitory accommodation, education, medicare, sports/games facilities, vocational training, computer teaching and all other facilities are provided to children free of any charge. There are two computer learning centres, one for the boys having 10 computers and the other for girls with 5 computers. Approximately, Rs 3000 is the average expenditure on the care and bring up of one child. There are separate residential premises for boys and girls. Boys have 9 dormitories, a spacious dining hall and another hall for recreational purposes, 9 rooms for storage, a vedic library, 5 office rooms, 5 rooms for staff like cooks, wardens etc. A spacious kitchen with pantry and ration store adjoining the dining hall also forms part of the complex.